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Structural Investigation & Condition Assessments

Sinclair Pratt Cameron, P.C. has performed numerous investigations to assess the structural condition of existing buildings and other structures. Our reports typically outline any needs for possible repairs that are necessary to ensure future serviceability. We have analyzed buildings to determine their suitability for future lateral and upward expansion. This work has included institutional projects such as hospitals and schools, barracks and galleys for the Department of Defense, and warehouse and manufacturing facilities for the private sector.

Our firm has designed structural reinforcing for existing buildings to accommodate new material conveying equipment that had to be roof supported. We have provided re-framing designs that have allowed interior columns to be removed in order to meet new floor plan requirements. We have completed many alteration designs that have either extended the life of the building or given the building a new flexibility to accommodate updated uses and technologies. This type of work has been accomplished for hospitals, offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants, mail order distribution centers, food processing facilities, hotels and motels, retail centers and churches.

Municipalities are now requiring certifications for existing buildings when they are retrofitted with new mechanical equipment. Our firm has completed many investigations and reinforcing designs that allow existing structures to receive new roof-top equipment.