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Sinclair Pratt Cameron, P.C. has kept on the cutting edge of software and technology related to the A/E industry. Since the company’s inception in 1985, we have used a variety of advanced computer software packages for structural design analysis. The principals and staff engineers in the firm have even written in-house programs for many of the common complications encountered in structural design.

Structural Design Software

Our firm utilizes a number of software applications in the structural analysis associated with each design project.

  • For smaller challenges that do not require a total building model, we use TEKLA TEDDS and Ram Element as well as numerous spreadsheet programs that have been written in-house.

  • For large projects we use TEKLA Structural Designer in which 3D models can be generated and subjected to all of the code required gravity and lateral loads. This program can provide preliminary member sizing for review by the project engineer, and it can also interact with Revit Structure, linking the design analysis with the actual construction drawings.


Revit Structure

In our opinion, the leading edge of structural design & documentation for BIM is Revit.  With Revit Structure, production of structural documentation is accelerated: every drawing sheet, every 2D and 3D view, every detail, and every schedule is a direct presentation of information from the same underlying building database.


SPC staff have been through certified training courses and an extensive implementation process.   We are an Autodesk Subscription customer, ensuring we will always have the most up-to-date version of the software as soon as it is available.



We will continue to use AutoCAD every day to produce a quality end-product for our clients, depending upon their needs.  Sinclair Pratt Cameron, P.C. has prepared its construction documents in AutoCAD since 1990. Our AutoCAD technicians have over 40 years of cumulative experience in CAD drafting. We have gone to great lengths to customize the subroutines & other modifiable aspects of the software in order to streamline our drafting to its optimum speed and efficiency. SPC holds monthly CAD training & lessons-learned sessions to keep all of our technicians abreast of new developments and unified in our efforts to produce the best possible end product for our client.


AutoCAD Gold Beta Test Site

Sinclair Pratt Cameron, P.C. was chosen to participate directly with Autodesk and a select group of others as a Gold Beta Test Site for AutoCAD 2009.


  • "One of only 15 Gold Sites in the world." --- Autodesk Beta Team Leader

It had it's 'ups' & 'downs' with most of the 'ups' not coming soon enough. I mean, it was an ever-evolving little monster with its fair share of crashes and expletives, but we all learned a lot about the hard work it takes to put something like this together. "Enlightening" would be a huge understatement. The number of people they bring together on many different levels to make this happen is mind boggling. And that is for the software that is pretty much at the bottom of the Autodesk food chain, so you can just imagine what kind of resources they are throwing at projects in the forefront like Revit.

Upside you say? Plenty. We get VIP passes for everyone in our CAD department to Autodesk University for the next 5 years and 50 cases of Junior Mints®.

Get real! I was just kidding about AU & the candy, but we were actively using AutoCAD 2009 on a daily basis in production a full 6 months before anyone else AND had direct input/dialog with the developers since the beginning.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.