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Sinclair Pratt Cameron, P.C. is a leader in the structural engineering field in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We employ a very diverse staff of professionals with varied backgrounds, specialties, & experience with structures.

Christopher D. Sterne, P.E.

W. Carter Sinclair, Jr., P.E.

Shawn Maslaney, P.E.

Kevin L. Rainey, P.E.

Marla Godwin

Jimmy Sykes


Charlie Rawles

Dustin Cornwell


Royce Ambrose

Steve Minnich

Shane Pulley


Megan Rainey

Steve Quisol

Bobby Giovanelli

Retired Staff:

J. David Pratt

Daniel B. Cameron, III

W. Carter Sinclair, Jr., P.E. S.E.

Principal & Project Manager

A Virginia Tech graduate, Carter has over 30 years experience in structural design and construction. He loves engineering and is a great problem solver.

Carter is also a Structures Specialist with Virginia Task Force #2 and is trained in emergency disaster response. He trains with F.E.M.A. personnel and has worked alongside them on a number of occasions, most recently during a Chesterfield County (Va.) building collapse.
Phone: extension 11
Cell: 757.376.8984

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