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Sinclair Pratt Cameron, P.C. is a leader in the structural engineering field in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We employ a very diverse staff of professionals with varied backgrounds, specialties, & experience with structures.

Christopher D. Sterne, P.E.

Kevin L. Rainey, P.E.

Shawn Maslaney, P.E.

Marla Godwin

Jimmy Sykes

Steve Minnich


Jake Rasmussen

Steve Quisol

Bobby Giovanelli


Nicholas Prussock

Dustin Cornwell


Megan Rainey

Christopher D. Sterne, P.E.

Partner & Vice President of Operations


Chris is a tenacious engineer. He enjoys tackling the complicated and difficult projects and is able to see a job through until all of the hard details and conditions have been accounted for. Chris has been able to instill this 'can-do' attitude in the younger engineers as they've joined our team.

Phone: extension 26

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